Kampin Saha


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Kampin Saha Ky is located in Lavia in the southwestern part of  Finland. Kampin Saha is quite a small sawmill with long traditions. Kampin Saha has been owned by the Kamppi family since 1937.

We product about 12 000 m³ sawn timber from domestic spruce yearly. We sell only whitewood nowadays, mainly sawfalling, but also unsorted and sixth quality. About half of the production has been sold to foreign countries annually. Most of the sawn timber goes to The Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland, The Great Britain, Ireland, Belgium, Austria, Denmark and Italy. Sawn goods have been traded by some agencies.

Our sawn timber has a very high quality, as is well known, due to the good condition of the spruce forests in this region. Good quality control with sawing and drying are also very important elements of making good sawn timber.

Environmental aspects are very important for us. That`s why we saw only 100% PEFC-certified timber. Every piece of sawn timber we sell is from sustainably managed forests. Our PEFC-logo licence registration number is 02-31-122. For more info please visit: www.pefc.org.

Inspecta Certification has granted to us Chain-Of-Custody certificate (5391-04). Certification covers wood procurement, production and sales of sawn and planed timber as well as side products. The validity of the certificate can be checked on the internet at www.kiwa.com.

Our sawn timber is produced according ISPM15 requirements (reg.no. FI/KTTK/4603).
Kampin Saha Ky is committed to the declaration of the International Labour Organization, which applies to the basic principles and rights of working life.


Juha Kamppi
Phone:     +358 405 911 500
Email:       kampinsaha@pp.inet.fi